Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sunday, July 19, 2015 -- Week #22 - Day #153 - San Pedro Sula

July 19, 2015

Sunday! And we had some investigators come to church! Yay! That's always awesome. I think today was also the last time that Nefi (our Ward Mission Leader) was going to teach, as he's gonna get married here in about 2 weeks and move to a different ward. So we'll hopefully get a replacement fairly soon, but we're happy for him!
Our last Sunday with Nefi! He's our Ward Mission Leader and is getting married this Saturday, August 1.
The chico on the right is Danny, he comes on visits with the missionaries pretty often, getting his papers ready to go on his own mission as well!
For lunch we went to a member's house, and we got a mountain of spaghetti, a hard boiled egg, and boiled plantain. Very delicious. I've probably eaten more eggs here than in my whole life up to this point... almost every day we eat some form of egg. Also a lot of chicken. But it's almost always the thigh and leg portion, and either KFC style or boiled or something like that. So that's interesting. And a lot of rice. Lots and lots and lots of rice. And tejadas. And some queso and beans. And Coke. And that's about what we eat all the time. And of course, whatever fruits and veggies you buy and eat at home, and a gallon of water while walking around all day long between appointments (or walking to find people because the appointments fell... either works). 

Also made myself some limonada (limeade... lemons don't exist here. Seriously. No lemons, just limes), squeezed a little lime into a mug, added a couple tablespoons of sugar, and poured in my chilled water from the water bottle I keep in the fridge, and enjoyed myself immensely.  It tasted a little like Sour Patch Kids, actually. Honduras limes rock!

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