Saturday, February 28, 2015

Wednesday, February 25, 2015 -- Week #2, Day #9 Guatemala MTC

2/25/15  9:54 pm

Today was a little crazy--teaching lessons in Spanish is hard! But things are going well and I'm still learning.  Reading the Book of Mormon and el Libro de Mormon side by side is helping a lot, I learned 14 new words just from doing that. Also, Alma has some awesome counsel on missionary work, you should check it out!  click: Alma - Missionary Work

The CCM is very small compared to Provo and Mexico City [Missionary Training Centers], we only have about 90 or so missionaries here. But I love it and wouldn't want it any other way. We get to know and recognize each other much better, and it's a more personal, friendly atmosphere. I love the CCM, even though I get frustrated with my lack of language skills sometimes. We also don't have the little dots on our name tags to identify the newbies, since we all know who's who, Hna Kleinman really wanted her dot! :P  [Hna = Hermana = "Sister"]

I was so sleepy today!  Gah!  But after deportes [sports] I felt a lot better. I have made myself a very silly goal to be able to do the splits by the end of my mission, and I am proud of my progress all 6 days I've been working on it. I think we all need a silly personal thing to do or we'll go crazy, but it's fun to have a funny little thing to work on for yourself in the midst of so much hard work and effort in learning a language and how to teach lessons and answer questions the investigators have. So that's a little fun fact. I challenge you to pick a little thing for you to work on during this time as well, I think that would be good to do.

My male teacher, Hermano Garcia, is amazing. He always bears his testimony during class, and it is still so powerful every time. He is kind and patient, but still has high standards for us because he wants us to be the best we can and be obedient, righteous servants of God. They are also having the teachers here learn another language as we learn Spanish, so he's learning Portuguese now. He and some other teacher are also learning Q'eqchi' from a sister teacher here so they can teach missionaries that go to Coban, so in a while he will know Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Quechi. Crazy, right? He's a very good example to follow.  [Coban is the capital of the department of Alta Verapaz in central Guatemala.  It is 219 km / 136 miles from Guatemala City.  The dominant ethnicity and language is Q'eqchi' mayan.]

I've enjoyed seeing how the names of the books in the scriptures change a little into Spanish, my favorite is that James is Santiago, and Job is said "H-oh-b". It's a fun transition to say all the names in Spanish, they sound nicer.

Because I was so tired, I got cold very easily, so the hairs on my arms were always standing up all day, and at cena [dinner] I finally lost it and told Hna Brady, "Look! My arm is like a tree-field!" instead of "forest" ...and also that an "aquarium" was an "underwater zoo" ...I was so tired!
But I'm doing good, getting through the days, enjoying my time here, doing lots of learning and stretching!  "Hurrah for Israel" !!!

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