Sunday, February 22, 2015

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 -- Day #1 San Antonio to Guatemala

2/17/15  4:58 pm

Well, I got safely to the Salt Lake Airport, waiting my 5 hour layover, depart for Los Angeles at 9:56 pm, if all goes well. Eating some late lunch, trying out my new AlphaSmart [word-processing keyboard] (thanks for the Christmas present, Dad!).  I found a pizza place near my gate and got a personal pepperoni pizza and a milk, also bought a water bottle for the wait and flight etc. Pretty delicious. This little pizza place has a counter, perfect for typing while munching, so this is probably gonna be my longest entry as I have the time and space to write a ton.

The goodbye at the airport was somewhat tearful, I'm gonna miss my family, they are so awesome! But this is gonna be a super awesome experience and I am so excited! I feel all "missionary-ish" in my button-down and skirt, hiking around in my flats and backpack. Super stylish, I know!  But they're pretty comfy so far--my watch is still taking some getting used to.

I'm glad they let my AlphaSmart through security, that was the easiest run through I've ever had, I think. Slip shoes off, backpack in bin, walk through and strike a pose, hold for 3 sec, walk off with my stuff. Sweet. Hopefully everything else goes smoothly, Today is not really a good day for my flights to get messed up!  My flight from San Antonio to Salt Lake was good, I will say that 3 hours seems like so long when you aren't doing anything but sitting. But there was almost no turbulence, just smooth riding. The guy I sat next to was the definition of a hipster male: shades, brown felt hat, soft, off-white t-shirt, very short, dark hair with a fabulously full, 9" long beard, skinny jeans, and brown leather boots. Looking good! He was listening to some music with head-buds, volume loud so I could hear the bass and percussion, interesting effect for the entire flight. Oh, and also reading some document on his Apple computer about becoming successful and positive affirmations or something along those lines. Overall, a pretty swell guy.

Hopped off the airplane and made my way over to where I'm at now, a mighty good little walk, I think, popped in B terminal, hiked over to C, finding a phone to call Momma and some food. Also saw a guy with his mom that looked missionary-ish, heading the other way from where I was going, so we'll see if I find any buddies while I'm here, still got a while until my flight. So that's where I'm at now, Taylor Swift is playing and I'm eating a pizza. I'll check back in a little while before my flight leaves with any further developments. I feel like I sound like a spy or something!

P.S.  This thing [the AlphaSmart she's typing on] doesn't have a delete key, and the send button is where it would be situated, so I keep hitting it by accident.

P.P.S.  My kangaroo pouch [required VISA, money holder type fanny-pack] is fantastic, just FYI, nice little pocket thingy, very comfortable to have on ya, I put mine in the small of my back. It's especially helpful considering my happy skirts don't have pockets (lucky guys!).

P.P.P.S.  I wonder how much text this can hold! Haha!
7:45 pm Well, I'm still here waiting.  A lost, younger-looking guy wandered into the waiting area for my gate in a suit, perhaps he's a missionary? Looked kinda dazed and cute!  I've also developed a headache, took a Tylenol and drank some water. I hate headaches.

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