Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Saturday, February 21, 2015 -- Day #5 Guatemala MTC

2/21/15 3:52 pm

We have deportes [sports] everyday for an hour, and they are so fun! We played volleyball as our 2 districts (mateo y jeremias (my district!)....we're the nortes, "northerners" and it was so nice outside. Also I do bike and elliptical, and stretch, and I love it!

And the Latinos are so tiny! I'm not that big of a person, but I feel like a giant white person when I am next to them. They are very shy and don't speak hardly any English, but most of them are very patient and try to help us with words when we try to talk to them at meal-times.  Hermanas Cabrera y Zelaya usually sit by us and we practice our Spanish.

Last night we had our first investigator discussion all in Spanish (Hermana Giron, our female instructor for Distrito Jeremias (me!) was role-playing) and it was so hard!  It didn't go very well, but now we definitely know what we need to work on to be able to be successful in the future. We will teach at least 1 or 2 lessons every night, that's gonna be really fun, but we will get to be so good at teaching and understanding the language, and I am so excited to be an amazing missionary! Not being proud, but I want to teach well!

9:36 pm
In class today we watched a video from Elder Holland about how we should be held to higher standards of teaching, and how we can't expect our investigators to do things that we don't already do. Good to hear that, helped make more sense in my mind of how I should think and act and feel towards missionary work. He also talked about the difference between testimony and conversion. Testimony is "I know it", and conversion is "I live it". Good to think about.

We went over how to use ser y estar in language study today, and it started making more sense of how to speak Spanish, since they are used in almost every sentence, so I was very happy about that. Just have to see the charts in my mind and know the correct conjugations. I have a lot of work to do, but we're on a good start!

Also, our second lesson tonight went so much better!  I was so happy! We got Daniela to pray with us and promise to read 2 Nefi 31 to learn about the importance of baptism, and she seemed happier and more interested. We're supposed to pick her up for church tomorrow, and we invited her to be baptized (she is not quite ready).  Also, we set a tentative appointment with Victor y Monica for Monday evening, so we'll see what we can do with that.

We used the phrases from the books we have and the lesson went so much more smoothly and we had a better train of thought than our first lesson last night, I feel good. We are getting more used to working in a trio while teaching and I love mi companeras! I love my 2 teachers and our 2 companionships of guys in our Distrito Jeremias! We are such good people and are trying so hard to learn and teach the Gospel in Spanish, we are making such good progress and we've only been here 4 days! Wow! The gospel is a beautiful thing and such a great blessing to have.
Distrito Jeremias
My district! E Roth, Cox, High, Ang, Hna Brady, me!, Kleinman

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