Sunday, February 22, 2015

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 -- Day #1 Flight to Guatemala

2/18/15 (technically) 2:42 am

So, this is gonna be a very long flight to Guatemala, but at least I'm on it now. I am so totally exhausted, I'm gonna write this stuff down and go to sleep!

Everyone feels like it's just past midnight, but I'm still on Texas time (same zone as in Honduras and Guatemala) so I'm having a hard time, dozed off in the airport waiting for my flight. They just gave us little ham and cheese sandwiches and a brownie, which was nice, I was starting to get really hungry (haven't eaten since pizza time).  Turns out that little lost looking guy was an Elder, another one came running by like 5 min before boarding to go to LA--they both look so young!

In LA there was a group of like 10 Elders and 5 sisters that descended upon me, taking group pictures and wanting to talk... I was too tired, gave some quick answers, and fell asleep on a chair. Finally got on this happy plane and have to fill out that immigration form, I did as much as I could, figure it out in the morning when we land.

They also gave us bright red Delta blankets, which was nice, gonna try to sleep with that, use my snowflake one when I wake up cold. Onward and upward, my friends!

9:22 am

Alright, that was rough. Slept fitfully for all that time, could not for the life of me get very comfortable, was blessed because I sat next to a sweet Guatemalan man who didn't speak English, and I didn't really speak Spanish, he scooted over to the window seat and I curled up kinda on the edge and middle seats.
Flying over Guatemala

Landing at Guatemala Airport

In our bus to the Guatemala MTC
Finally made it to Guatemala, we flew in just as the sun was rising, there's a huge volcano nearby and the land is very mountainous. The houses and buildings are square and colorful, like the pictures. The people here are a lot more Aztec-looking than the Mexicans back home, hard eyes, but kind faces. In LA I met up with 9 Elders and 6 other Hermanas, I'm rooming with Hermanas Kleinman and Brady and they are amazing!

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