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Tuesday, February 24, 2015 -- Week #2, Day #8 Guatemala MTC

2/24/15  1:52 pm

It's Pday ["Preparation Day"]!  We made it through a whole week! It feels like a month has gone by, but I've enjoyed my time here at the CCM ["Centro de Capacitacion Misional" - Spanish for MTC - Mission Training Center], it feels like a whole different world and I lose track of the fact that I'm in Guatemala City. Crazy. But I've definitely done some serious learning and growing the past 7 days that I am so grateful for, even if I had to leave today and go preach the gospel I would feel so much more comfortable and confident, it's incredible what this does to you.

I've noticed that the latinos here have very fitted suit pants compared to the norte elderes [northern Elders = Americans], and they prefer the thinner, pointy toed shoes, makes for a unique look.

Also it's quite windy here, and the clouds are constantly moving and changing all day, you look at the sky after 10 seconds and it's completely different! It is beautiful here.

The temple was wonderful today, everyone was very helpful and kind, and we had our session in English, and I felt wonderful after leaving. And the grounds are so gorgeous! Hydrangeas and petunias and blooming azalea bushes and palm trees and lots of other beautiful plants all vibrant and colorful, it was so nice to walk around and look at the landscaping.
Guatemala City LDS Temple
I got to email today! We have computer time on Tuesdays from 2-3 pm, and I was so excited! I read all my emails and I cried from love and happiness. I appreciate that I am supported so much, it means a lot to me. The AlphaSmart works perfectly and helps me to send my daily record stuff in about 10-15 mins, then I can spend the rest of my time reading and emailing. It helps when everyone does 1 email each so I can find and answer them easier :P But this was the 1st week and there was a lot of information to get back and forth. Sometimes the computers don't cooperate and I can't put returns or formatting on my text, so it comes out funny, but all the correct words are there, I think [no worries!  Mom is editing when necessary! :) ]

Today as part of Pday we had the tienda (store) come and I bought a bag! It's yellow and green and has these beautiful red flowers embroidered on the front, and it's big and has a padded shoulder strap, so I'm super excited to have something to use to carry around my stuff while I'm in the CCM and probably into my mission as well. Also I got a dark blue "Guat's up?" t-shirt, to remember my time at the Guatemala CCM, it's a play on words and sounds like "What's up?"

We are also not allowed to have gum while on missions, and that is actually an adjustment I've done very well with, to my surprise. I'm pretty much over missing it, and it's actually a speech impediment when speaking Spanish. Sometimes we have a rule and we don't understand what it's for, but then later we learn through being obedient that it is a good thing and we are blessed.  [Like Noah building an ark!] Even if it's not missing gum!

We had the yummiest breakfast today, and I think it might be similar to typical Honduran food, but it was so yummy! It was a fresh flour tortilla spread with black bean paste, then another tortilla, topped with 2 sunny-side up eggs and a sort of cheese sauce. It was very delicious and very filling. There are A LOT of eggs in our foods here, they're a cheap source of protein because meat is so expensive and hard to buy. So it's a good thing I've learned to like them quickly!

An interesting fact about the language is that they say "ehhh" for their filler words instead of "umm" or "and" or "sooooo" like in English. They also keep rolling their R's when they're thinking of a word, like when we stretch the vowel sound when we're forming a thought. Por ejemplo: "nececitamos a repentar porrrrrrr...." es como cuando nosotros dicimos "and so then we went to theeeee...." I just thought that was interesting to notice about Spanish.

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