Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Thursday, February 19, 2015 -- Day #3 Guatemala MTC

2/19/15 9:37 pm

So today was like having a fire-hose aimed at me, or being in a giant wave pool 20 feet deep and being expected to swim! Crazy! But it was good.

The food here is amazing:  they have some little sweet pastry or something with each meal, and it is so good, our only sugar all day and it is so sweet!

We sit by la latinas at mealtimes, and we each try to speak to each other in the other's languages, it's interesting times!  They are here for 2 weeks, we are here for 6 weeks. We are growing closer together as a companionship and have strengthened each other and helped each other become better people already.  During one of our meetings, we watched a video and it talked about how we need to know our investigators as people, and children of God. There was a quote somewhere along the lines of:  "God sees us as the glorious beings we are capable of becoming".

God has faith in us!  We are also learning to pray in Spanish today, it is hard.  I also bought a set of scripture cases for my escrituras en espanol, they are so colorful and beautiful!  They took our cameras (will be returned when we leave CCM) so I will have to send pictures sometime after I leave, but Guatemala is a beautiful place, although the streets are absolutely crazy!

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