Saturday, February 28, 2015

Friday, February 27, 2015 -- Week #2, Day #11 Guatemala MTC

2/27/15  10:07 pm

Today was a good day. Right now there's a very active fiesta going on next door, so it's gonna be tricky to fall asleep, so I'll probably be somewhat tired tomorrow. The joys and sacrifices of missionary work! But I'm so glad the people are enjoying themselves tonight. It's Friday night and these people are done with a week of work and are having a good time and I am so happy for them. These people are good people and are living their lives the best way they know how, and we are here to help them be even better.  So cool!

In other news, we discovered today that mis companeras and I all only have a dimple on our left cheeks, we are so awesome! Go genetics! We get along very well and can still be different, but we complement each other in our strengths... almost like we're 3 different versions or sides of the same's amazing how the Lord puts us in situations and with the people that we need so we can be happy and do the best things for others and ourselves. He has a plan for us and it's a bumpy ride, but it can be so rewarding when we choose to follow that Plan of Happiness.  click: Plan of Salvation

I will say that it takes a lot of strength to be humble. I have always been able to do things on my own and don't need anyone, but this mission is something that there is absolutely no way I can do on my own.  I need mis companeras to support me, and my teachers to teach me, and the Latinas to talk to, and the Holy Spirit to bring things that I've heard to my remembrance, and my Savior to help me when I trip over my pride, and my Heavenly Father to let me know that He loves me. It truly takes a village to raise a child, and angels go before and behind us as we press forward in faith. So cool! God is pretty smart, ya know.
Today we had one on one counseling from Hno Garcia, and he helped me sort through my mixed emotions some more. He is just so good! He has such faith in us and want to help push us to be the powerful and confident representatives of Jesus Christ that he knows we fully have the capacity to be. He told me that he knows that I have been called to learn Spanish and teach God's children in Honduras. I was chosen from all the missionaries to that responsibility because I can handle it and become great because of it. He has such faith in these little 18 and 19 year-old's that come to him, not knowing what we've gotten ourselves into, but it is his stewardship to help mold and direct us into what we can be.  Incredible.

And Hna Giron is crazy awesome too! She served in the DR [Dominican Republic], and got back only 4 months ago! She started teaching in the CCM on her 2nd day home. Crazy! She is amazing, so happy and sweet and sincere. I want to follow the example of my teachers, because I know without a doubt that they follow the example of Christ. We all have that capacity in us. Sometimes it takes some serious sandpaper to get us smoothed into something beautiful, but we can do it when we have the desire to change. They're inspiring people, and I am privileged to know them.

I had good experiences teaching in our appointments tonight, and my confidence is bolstered up again. I can speak Spanish, and I'm getting better at teaching. I can do this! Espanol es facil [Spanish is easy]!

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