Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sunday, February 22, 2015 -- Day #6 Guatemala MTC

2/22/15 10:17 pm

Today was our first Sunday, day number 6! It feels like we've been here a month! But it's been good. The only thing I wish was a little more consistent is the schedule. We spend 30-35 min or so planning the next day and writing all these goals and spending so much of our time, and then they just change it on us and don't let us know what we need to bring or where to go or anything. So that's a little annoying, but I guess it just teaches us to be patient and flexible.

In personal study, I read through 3 Nefi 11, and the fact that Jesus had glorified Heavenly Father's name stuck out to me. In Moses 6:57 He has the name "Man of Holiness", and I just thought that by Jesus taking on his Father's name and honoring it by being obedient and holy and accomplishing all the things he was asked to do, and not abusing it or doing anything not aligned with His will, Jesus really did glorify his Father's name, and that's the example we need to follow as well.

We also watched a missionary address from Elder Scott from April 26, 2013, I think, and it was amazing and comforting to hear! Elder Scott is so gentle and earnest in his counsel to the missionaries, and I felt more comfortable and at peace with my being here in Guatemala and Honduras for 18 months.

We also accepted the commitment to only speak Spanish this week, except in our letters home, so that's gonna be interesting! But I look forward to it, I will grow so much and get more comfortable with the language.  It's starting to click better now, we had a break through with the Latina's during lunch today, and we talked so much and laughed and it was just so fun, I love them, and am sad I only have 1 more week with them.

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