Monday, June 20, 2016

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 -- Month #15 - Week #70 - Day #484 - Las Flores, Villanueva, Cortes

June 14, 2016

District Meeting! And also Hna Mora has 8 months today! That makes me happy! And old... when I go home she'll have 10 months, and Hna Artica will have 3.

We learned about the Book of Mormon again in District Meeting and we did a WHOLE lot of practices of different approaches to introducing and teaching the Book of Mormon. It just isn't a meeting of missionaries without practices! But everything went well, and we had Mexican tacos for lunch! I normally need to eat about 8 of them to get full, since they're so small, but we only had 3. But they were good! Just little corn tortillas with shredded chicken and chimol on top. Simple, and delicious. I'm making them at home!

And we went looking for all our people again and they were a little hard to find. But we found some other people, so that was good. We also walked 6.444 miles, burned 367.4 calories, and took 13,610 steps. Poor Hna Artica was pretty much done at the end of the day, and my legs were pretty tired as well. We've gotta find her some good walking shoes soon because she's just got her little thin-soled flats and her feet are killing her. We're gonna go sandal shopping!

And we also found 2 other churches:
- Iglesia Bautista Torre Fuerte

- Iglesia Filial Fuego Pentecostes

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