Sunday, June 19, 2016

Saturday, June 11, 2016 -- Month #15 - Week #69 - Day #481 - Las Flores, Villanueva, Cortes

June 11, 2016

Today we went the nice Evangelical lady that prays for 5 minutes! Except we got the extended version that lasted for 7 mins, all the "my God"s included. Sweet lady, though. She said she'd come to Church with us, so that's pretty awesome. Keeping our fingers crossed.

And we went to have our lunch appointment, and we waited 2 hours for the food to be ready (and checking to see if the elderes were gonna come about 4 times), so meanwhile we helped one of the hnas in the house that's a teacher transfer grades. So that's was kinda neat.
My lunch on Sunday (we bought some food to help out a family financially and I saved it because we already had a dinner planned and we didn't have food for the next day).
It also rained while we were waiting, but we were under a roof at the time, so we were good! But we finally got our plates of pasta and rice and ate and ran back home to quickly pick up a few things and then head back out to conquer the world! With love, of course, lots of love.

And we had an awesome day, number-wise, and we also got a joven to come with us! She said she loves coming with us, so we'll be taking her out a lot. I think it's a good experience for the youth to have their eyes opened a little and appreciate their testimonies of the Gospel. Because today all we did was go around correcting doctrine. We only actually got through an actual lesson twice, and all the rest of the time we were trying to help people understand the truth of things. Which just made me so grateful that Katharine (the joven that came with us) has a firm testimony and was happy to share it. Because we heard some things that make absolutely no sense. But that's what some people believe. So we tried not to fight, and always invited the person to pray and ask God, because they obviously didn't believe us. And that's all we could do.

But we had a good, testimony-building day, so we're happy. Tired, as always, but happy. Hna Artica is doing well, seems a little more relaxed and we take more turns when we're teaching. I'm seriously amazed at this girl. I hope we get the entire change together!

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