Sunday, June 19, 2016

Thursday, June 09, 2016 -- Month #15 - Week #69 - Day #479 - Las Flores, Villanueva, Cortes

June 9, 2016

Weekly Planning! And we had a lady make us lunch! We paid her 40 lemps a meal and she also cooks for 3 other pairs of elderes... basically our entire district. But we're trying to see if there's some hnas in the barrio that would be willing to give us lunch, and if not, we'll probably end up with this lady that cooks for all the missionaries. Poor lady. But she's super sweet and calm, and has a good sense of humor with all the elderes's shenanigans.

And when we ran around trying to find people to visit and teach, and we did manage to find some. We also found a lady that took literally 5 minutes to say the closing prayer of the lesson. That was the longest prayer with the most repeticions of "my God" that I have ever heard in my life and my 15 months in the mission. So that was a special experience. Sweet lady, though.

Oh! And our landlady is also having a little pila built on our balcony so we don't have to haul all our wet clothes up and down the stairs to the big pilas downstairs. So that's really nice of her. She's an inactive member, but loves the missionaries, so we'll try to visit her and help her to come to church on Sunday.
And the first phase of our little pila! It's really tiny!

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