Monday, June 20, 2016

Saturday, June 18, 2016 -- Month #16 - Week #70 - Day #488 - Las Flores, Villanueva, Cortes

June 18, 2016

Happy 16 months to me! Whoo! I don't feel as old as I did with 15 months, but it does feel like the end is much nearer. Weird.
Anyways, today was good, we waited another 2 hours for our lunch, so I think we're gonna try and change who gives us lunch on Saturdays. We spend WAY too much time waiting. And we got half a pound of rice, and a chicken leg and a glass of Pepsi. Delish.
 Our lunch of rice and chicken...
... and Hna Artica eating said lunch!
But then we ran over to have Coordinacion with Jose again, and the elderes never showed up, so we rescheduled for tomorrow.

But then we went running around trying to find our investigators and we challenged all of them to baptism and all of them said no. So that was interesting. They don't actually say, "No, I refuse to be baptized", they give some excuse about them already being baptized in their church or evade the question and start talking about some random point of the lesson and don't actually give a straight answer. So we have to explain again about baptism and how it needs to be by the priesthood of God for it to be valid, and then they go off about how awesome their preacher is. Yeah. Hna Artica is learning patience! It's cuz it is SO rare that someone will actually give a straight answer, ever, to whatever question it is. Or we explain something 5 times, in different ways, and they still refuse to understand or accept logic. I don't know. But we're getting really good at doing short and simple lessons and inviting people to do a whole bunch of things. Mainly, read the folleto, think about it for a bit, and pray and ask God if it's true. And that they're invited to Church, Sunday at 8:00 am. So Hna Artica's got all that down pat!  She's an awesome person.

And it also rained on us in the afternoon, so we got to go contacting and get rejected in the rain, just like in the movies. It wasn't that awful, it just always makes me laugh. And that helps Hna Artica laugh, so we're all good.

But at the end of the day, we finally found a mother and daughter that are very receptive, so we were thrilled with that. We're gonna try with them and hopefully this can work out.

And other than that, not much is happening, honestly. We're still doing a lot of contacting, but we've narrowed down to just 1 part of our area that we haven't visited yet, so we've almost got all our ground covered. Then we'll be able to set certain days to go to certain parts so we won't have to run from one end to the other. But we're getting there!

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