Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Saturday, June 25, 2016 -- Month #16 - Week #71 - Day #495 - Las Flores, Villanueva, Cortes

June 25, 2016

Today was Saturday! We did our citas, and gave out copies of the Book of Mormon in the park. Every time we do that it makes me think of my experience with that in the CCM. Oh, that was sooooooo uncomfortable! We didn't speak a lick of Spanish, we had no idea how to present the Book of Mormon or understand how to ask for the person's information so that the missionaries in Guatemala could then find them again and teach them. Yeah, I didn't really enjoy that whole thing to be honest. But now I'm much better at it! So this time wasn't so bad. Most of the people didn't live in our area limits, so we'll give the references to the other missionaries.
There were a ton of brown butterflies all on this puddle in the street.
And we actually tried contacting a group of people in the park, and turns out that they spoke sign language. So that didn't really work out so good. But it just made me laugh that of all the chances to contact someone, we tried with a group of people that don't speak or hear. So there you go!
A turkey and the girl turkey were chasing Hna Artica...
it was actually pretty funny!
And in my personal scripture study I'm currently in Helaman 6! I'm really hoping that I can finish in a month and a half... I think I can. I'm reading with the manual, so it goes about 3 times as slow because you read the chapter, mark it up, then read the manual commentary, ponder for a bit, write down some quotes you like, and then go back to reading. It's a process. But I love it! I'm getting a better grip on how the history goes and noticing some things that I hadn't before. So I'm happy with it.

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