Thursday, May 19, 2016

Wednesday, May 11, 2016 -- Month #14 - Week #65 - Day #450 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

May 11, 2016

Today was also a crazy day and I'm exhausted. We did some contacting in the morning and found a bunch of interesting people. We came to one house where the gate was open and a drunk guy (we didn't know he was drunk right at first) sitting on the porch, looking very confused. We asked him what his name was and if he worked there or if anyone was home, and he mumbled a bunch of nonsense and turned around, laid down, and went to sleep right in front of us. So that made us laugh, honestly, just because that's what happens here, and we went trying to find some different people to teach. We had a fun morning.

Then we had lunch and got back to our house, and we discovered that Hna Cruz really likes the Swedish Fish candy!
That was randomly awesome. Thanks, family! It's always nice to have candy from the States because the only things I've been able to find are Skittles and Snickers. And some Hershey chocolate bars but those aren't yummy because they're just wax and are only good drizzled on top of Texas sheet cake. So there. We enjoyed my little bag of Swedish Fish and I helped Hna Cruz with some more words in English.

And we visited some more people and shared the Restored Gospel... always a good thing to do. click:  The Gospel  Listened to a bunch of interesting people say a bunch of interesting things, and then headed back to the church to attend the Open House event that we were helping to prepare last night. It turned out well, and some friends of members came! So we got to know them and everything. Overall a good day.

And, more good news, the water came again! We're getting back onto a more regular schedule again, so that's reassuring. But, bad news, nobody in the mission has folletos of the Restoration because they haven't come to Tegucigalpa so the mission office can't send us any in the Ruta. So we're getting pretty creative in our contacts... lots of interesting starter questions or using folletos of other lessons. For example, contacting with the Word of Wisdom is a good life skill to have. Samuel, start practicing! Haha!  click:  The Word of Wisdom

And apparently the medication Tiamina will cure you of headaches, stomachaches, joint paint, insomnia, itchiness, bladder infections, and is an important vitamin. None of that is true, but that's what a doctor apparently said to a guy we talked to today. Except Tiamina is for repelling mosquitos. I took it for that in Santa Cruz. I love the creativity we've got down here.

(Alright, tiamina is Thiamine, which is vitamin B1, so it is a vitamin. I stand corrected. But people still don't know what they're talking about here.)

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