Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 -- Month #14 - Week #65 - Day #449 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

May 10, 2016

Today... we lived in the church building. We were literally there from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Pilas, right?

We came and opened the doors at 8:00 am so we could get everything set up and figured out (I learned all about how to operate overhead sound systems and find the hidden keys to get to the lock boxes (the hidden keys was one of the scripture mastery cards that you slip between the door and the lock... I felt like a ninja!) with the digital piano pedal and power cord and find the podium mic and get the slideshow screen down and help E Markus understand that the porton clicker was on the OTHER set of keys, not the ones in his hand (we were working with about 3 sets of keys at this point) and everything and run back and forth... that was fun!) and we received all the missionaries in the zone and got ourselves all settled! Whew!
And enjoyed our conference, and gave our workshop, and had lunch, and listened some more to President Dester who shared some thoughts about the nature of God and what we can learn from just a few verses of the First Vision, and we shared our testimonies.
Us with the Desters! I had my Mother's Day shirt on again...
Hna Dester also gave us a lovely gift! She gave us a new copy of the Book of Mormon and an image of Christ, with a lovely little yellow bow. So that was nice! I love Hna Dester and I'll miss her. And we took a whole bunch of pictures after everything, and we got a new fan! It's been really hot in the night this past while and it's been a little hard to sleep. So we asked for a big, new fan and we got it! We're thrilled and can't wait to try it out tonight.
And the little gift that Hna Dester gave us!
And we finally got everyone packed up and out and heading back to their areas, and everything put away and closed up, and by then it was about 3:30 pm, so we waited a little bit for Pres. Montes (our Branch President) to come to the church to take care of his many keys, we ran back to the house to drop off our giant fan box and everything, and then we came back to the church to help everyone in the branch get ready for the week's activities of la Semana de la Familia. We got put in charge of cutting out letters and calming down a bunch of stressed-out people. Which was interesting. So we did that for a while. And then I needed to practice piano at that point, because I am back on piano playing duty (but I'm happier because it's a beautiful, new Kawai digital piano that has hymns prerecorded! And has a sustain pedal and the keys are weighted... WAY better than the little plastic Yamaha keyboard thing that I couldn't play for the life of me) so I got to play around for 2 hours with that. And that pretty much was our day. Not very much in the way of preaching the gospel, but we did get strengthened and encouraged and prepared for this crazy week that's gonna be happening. We sort of do everything last minute and then start about 1.5 hours after the time we say we'll start, but that's just how we roll here. So we kinda gotta roll with it! But if anything, we're helping our little branch figure themselves out and we're developing the Christ-like attribute of patience and the talent of bright ideas. We're also very handy with scissors, if I do say so myself!
Our giant fan!

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