Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sunday, May 01, 2016 -- Month #14 - Week #63 - Day #440 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

May 1, 2016

We're in May now! Next Sunday I get to skype my family and it will be awesome!

Today was good, the water finally came at 8:00 am! Whoo! So that was awesome.
It went away at 1:00 pm, but we were able to fill our pila and wash a few clothes while it was filling, so that was good. And we started our fast because we weren't able to yesterday due to the activity. In my house, fasting was hard because I got hungry, but in the mission it's hard because you get so darn thirsty. I was reminded of my first time fasting in SPS and how I thought I'd die. Haha, yeah. But Hna Cruz and I are having a bit of a hard time. And we were offered something to drink in every cita! But we were strong, even though it was really, really hot (even after the sun went down) and we were sweating ridiculous amounts. Vive el ayuno!
But we were able to do some good visits in the afternoon, Consejo de Rama was moved to Tuesday again. And we got all full of smoke again as well. We go around 80% of the time smelling like smoke. But it was fine because the hnas we visited were needing someone to see them and talk to the them, so we were all guided by the Spirit to come together at the same time. So that was cool. But the neighbor next door was cooking something, so we got all covered in smoke. But that's alright.

And the cicadas are in full force right now! They are singing really loud these past few days. Sometimes it's a little difficult to teach people outside because they're so loud. Hna Cruz has never seen one before, but I haven't been able to find one to show her. You just hear them all the time in the afternoon into the night.

And that's about it! We haven't had anyone progressing or coming to Church these past months, and nobody with a baptismal date. Our last baptism in the branch was in January. But it was really good to have the activity on Saturday because the members understood a little more what it's like here. So we were happy about that. And we're hoping and praying that someone will decide that now is a good time to figure out their life and make some good decisions. But everything in the Lord's time.

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