Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Wednesday, January 6, 2016 -- Month #10 - Week #47 - Day #324 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

January 6, 2016

You know why I don't like the rain down here: Because then the power goes out. And we can't cook or use fans or have light or have out DVD player work for music, and you have to be home earlier. We didn't have power all day from when we woke up until 8:30 pm. So that's the longest I've been without electricity on the mission so far, made for an interesting day.

But we did training in the morning, made some phone calls to confirm a bunch of stuff, had lunch, helped Kricia with her English test preparation, and did some more visits. And came home because it got dark and the power was still out. So we got out our candles and I showed Hna Mora how to set everything up and use candles. So we just sat there for about an hour, staring at the candle flame, because it was so pretty, talking about sciency light things. And then I got all pyro and burned a Post-it a little at a time, watching the tiny embers burn and fade. Then we rubbed the ash on our fingers and made fingerprints on a piece of tape. So that was pretty cool.

Playing with fire! I love how your hand looks in front of a candle flame.
Then we decided that we better plan for the next day, and then all of a sudden the power came back. So as we were blowing out the candles and we were in darkness for a second, I saw a little green light on the floor, like the shining of a computer power light or something. So I thought that was really odd, and when I turned on the actual light, we saw that it was a little firefly. Problem was, it had somehow gotten into the house and wandered over to where I put my bug spray on, and so it was all twitching because of the DEET in the bug spray.

And the little firefly that I inadvertently killed with almost 100% DEET bug spray... sorry!
So felt really bad about that and scooped it up and put it outside. Hopefully it's alright, poor little guy. I don't like it when nice insects die, like butterflies and ladybugs and fireflies. Flies and mosquitoes, those can definitely go away.

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