Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 -- Month #11 - Week #49 - Day #337 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

January 19, 2016

Soooooo today was another crazy day, as always with changes. And a day early, again. But these changes were crazy! Basically in the morning we had to drop people off on buses and take care of people at our house while waiting for them to get back from changes, and cleaned the house, and wrote some more letters, and talked with the 6 other hnas in our house... and wash clothes because we didn't have time yesterday. So, lo and behold, as I entered the house again, Hna Farao had already called to see who was coming to Copan and who was going where and all that, and I was greeted with a giant congratulatory shout from all 6 hnas. Wanna know why?  I apparently am now an Hermana Lider Entrenadora! In Copan! With Hna Cruz as my companion! This is the first time in the mission where there have been Hnas Lideres in Copan... so now there's 4 of us (which has happened before, but both companionships were up in SPS) and we kinda were really surprised. I had a feeling that Hna Cruz would be my companion, but I didn't think I'd be with her in this capacity. So there, that's some news. I'm a really important person apparently and I have no idea how this important person business is supposed to go. Oh, also, this change is extended a week so we'll be here for 7 weeks this time. This is due to an extension (we don't know at what level it's at, but at least Central America and Mexico) of a week to all the missionaries starting this change. This is because they're extending the time of the missionaries that already know the language to 3 weeks instead of 2. This is gonna be interesting!

And E Hadley got switched out as well, is now in Puerto Cortes as a Zone Leader (was our DL), E Granja switched out to Chamelecon and will die as ZL in March, and Hna Mora went over to Florida, with is like 20 mins down the road (where the bus driver always eats baleadas for breakfast when we go do to the Ruinas). And we received E Alfaro as our DL and E Toolson as our other ZL. This is gonna be a fun district!

So yeah, got all that fun stuff figured out. Got Hna Cruz home and kinda settled a little bit and we went and did some lessons. We're actually teaching these 2 sisters that are progressing really well, they're getting baptized on the 30 of January! So we're really excited for them.

And, in other news from Honduras, mango trees, due to their massive size and other factors, only have flowers in a small region of the tree at a time. So only about half or a third or a fourth of the tree is blooming at a time, depending on the size of the tree.

And I have gotten some leg muscle endurance! I'm proud of myself! Hna Cruz had gotten used to walking on plane surfaces over in SPS for a change, while I've been working out all my lower body for the past little while with all these blessed mountains we're climbing around on, and now I don't get as tired as fast as she does! I feel the strength in me!!! Haha, yeah, it is nice to be able to measure my progress, though. So that was encouraging.

So yeah, crazy day, with lots of crazy news, but it's gonna be a fun change. Gonna be a fun ride.

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