Saturday, January 23, 2016

Thursday, January 14, 2016 -- Month #10 - Week #48 - Day #332 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

January 14, 2016

Weekly Planning! That's always fun. Although we had to break it up into like 3 segments due to a bunch of citas that had to be at certain times. So that was interesting. But, we got it done! And taught Hna Mora a few more things about the records and who goes where and what to write about them and whatnot. So we finally got all that done. And our lunch was bean soup! That was the first time in my mission that I've had bean soup. I think it's good, not my favorite, but good.
Sopa de Frijol
It's just beans totally blended up with a bunch of water and tons of salt, with a big scoop of rice plopped in it and hard boiled eggs floating around. With some corn tortillas. Yup. Good stuff. Apparently it's a miracle food for people with anemia (because the red beans have iron), and there's a lot of miracle foods like that down here. Anyways, that was our lunch.

And we had another lesson with the 2 sisters we're planning on getting baptized January 30th, they're awesome. One's 13 years and the other one's 9 years. We always enjoy visiting them.
And I guess today and yesterday I was attacked by mosquitoes! All over my hands and feet I got bit. Grr. So I'm liberally applying hydrocortisone all over. I haven't gotten this many bites in a long time. It's highly annoying. Especially the bites on the bottom of my foot and on the tops on my fingers by the knuckles. Those ones hurt. And are itchy. And can't scratch them well. I hate mosquitoes.

But, I found 241 lps hiding under the pile of my agendas on my desk, so that was happy! It's always fun when you find your money again.
And apparently if you cut platano verde (unripe plantain) off the tree while the moon is growing (still in crescent moon stages etc) it will never ripen or turn yellow. Ever. It will just dry out and be useless if you try and wait to see if it will ripen. But you can cut it when the moon's full for 3-8 days and it will ripen really fast in 2 days. So someone fact-check that for me, but it's totally common knowledge here. So I learned about platanos today and when you're supposed to cut them.

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