Wednesday, April 1, 2015

No emails this week either...

[Monday, April 13 We got all caught up on the emails!  We received 20 days at once!]

Monday, April 6, 2015
Sorry everyone... this is the Madre!  We're missing about 12 days worth of blog entries now!  :(  Andrea did send a few quick emails to the family today, but the computer she was renting?? (paying time use) to email on today had an inoperative USB port, so she was unable to download her files from her AlphaSmart keyboard.  So, hopefully next week she'll be able to try again!
Trying hard to find the humor!!

A few teasers from the family emails:
- she is ALIVE and WELL!
-  she traveled from Guatemala to Honduras last Tuesday and couldn't get to a computer to email, but everything went smoothly at the airport and Mission President Dester met them and they're all settled and in the swing of things now!
- her new companion in Honduras is Hermana Robles and she is her "trainer" and she's "the nurse"? so Andrea is applying her Bio knowledge to pick up on those applicable skills from her (nice match huh?!)
- she says Hermana Robles is amazing! and wonderful! and she's helping Andrea figure out what it means to do missionary work!  :)
- San Pedro Sula has lots of people, cars, dogs, children, gates, and everything all over the place, and it's quite HOT (like TEXAS!  so she's happy!)
- she says she loves it and does lots of walking around and has lost a few pounds from all the exercise
-  she's looking forward to Skyping the Madre on Mother's Day!! :) ... yep, she's awesome!!  She's growing up well!!!  My mommy mantra to her:

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