Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 -- Week #4, Day #23 Guatemala MTC


[sent March 25]
So I've gotten some complaints from the consistency department that there is a missing entry from the 11 de marzo.  Last Wednesday was P-day, and I don't think I wrote very much. But that P-day was great, we got to hang outside and play sports and write letters and have lunch and wear pants and a t-shirt for part of the day instead of constantly tucking my dress shirts into the waistband of my skirts... so nice!

But yeah, it was just a good day, and we also taught Daniela and Frederman later that night after dinner, so that was fun.
Also I bought 2 packs of Skittles and a Twix bar from the tienda (store) and oh my goodness they were delicious! Nothing beats processed American sugar products full of artificial colors and flavors!  Yeah!

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